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I’m the type of person who likes to solve a good puzzle. I’ve always had a passion for pulling things apart and putting them back together, which means the nuances of sales and use tax are right up my alley. There’s something rewarding in being able to take a situation, break it down and make it simple so people can understand what’s going on. I’ve employed that approach as part of a lengthy career as both a Certified Public Accountant and an attorney. The reality is, most people find out about their sales & use tax responsibilities at the worst possible time, i.e. during an audit. I love empowering people so they understand exactly what they need to do, and can rest easy in the knowledge there are no nasty surprises coming their way.

Mary Thomas

Attorney, CPA

Bundle Objectives

The courses on physical, economic, and other types of nexus that may trigger a sales or use tax registration requirement are offered together. A complete nexus analysis cannot be performed without considering the many ways nexus can be triggered. A basic analytical framework is provided.

  • Understand physical nexus concepts and know how to perform research.

  • Understand what triggers economic nexus, how to measure activity, registration deadlines, and documentation goals.

  • The ability to make a complete nexus (physical, economic, affiliate, etc) determination on your own.

Physical and Economic Nexus Explained

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