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As a Certified Public Accountant, I understand all too well that sales & use tax seems complicated. As a small business owner, I also appreciate it might slip to the bottom of the long list of tasks that business operators juggle each day. That’s why I’m passionate about providing business owners with the peace of mind that what they are doing is correct and compliant. I focus on making sure you understand what you need to, so you can feel confident about sales & use tax, whether you choose to outsource or file your returns yourself. Small business owners don’t have endless time or cash resources at their disposal, but I’m here give you the knowledge and insight you need to efficiently and effectively navigate the landscape of sales & use tax.

Stephanie Thomas


Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • A message from Stephanie

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 02

    What Are Total Sales?

    • What are Total Sales?

    • Total Sales Quiz

  • 03

    What Are Taxable Sales?

    • What are Taxable Sales?

    • Taxable Sales Quiz

  • 04

    Total Sales Do Not Equal Taxable Sales

    • Total Sales Do Not Equal Taxable Sales

    • Total Sales Do Not Equal Taxable Sales Quiz

  • 05

    What Are Taxable Purchases?

    • What Are Taxable Purchases?

    • Taxable Purchases-BONUS CONTENT

    • Taxable Purchases Quiz

  • 06

    What is the Correct Tax Rate?

    • Determining the Correct Tax Rate

  • 07

    What is the Amount Subject to Tax?

    • The Amount Subject to Tax

    • The Amount Subject to Tax Quiz

  • 08

    What Are Prepayment Discounts, Timely Filer Discounts, etc.?

    • Prepayment Discounts, Timely filer discounts, etc

  • 09

    Congratulations! You Did It!

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Course Goals

  • Learn how to calculate Total Sales

  • Learn how to calculate Taxable Sales and how to substantiate nontaxable sales

  • Learn how to calculate Taxable Purchases

  • Learn how to determine the appropriate tax rate

Understanding Your Texas Sales & Use Tax Return

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